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Full of M.E. | meet the designer | by Schön! Magazine / July 28th, 2019

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Full of M.E., a young fashion brand based in Lithuania, designs clothes for a genderless future. The brand emerged three years ago as the brainchild of brother-team Eimutis and Vytautas Mikaila.

After spending years travelling around Europe, Eimutis had settled back in his home of Lithuania to train in fashion drawing. Using the inspiration gained from these years of adventure, he proposed the idea of a fashion label to his brother, who eagerly accepted. Today, the duo produces designs from the edge of reality – one size, flowing garments that blur lines of shape, form and, most importantly, sexuality.

How did you both get your start in design?

You can basically say that it all started when I went to study in Milan and later in Barcelona IED   university. After two years spent in two cities I went back to my home country, where I attended fashion drawing courses. Then the first piece of Full of M.E. was created, at that moment I didn’t knew that. However that drawing became Full of M.E. logo face and the print for our first product, lovely cotton tunic. We produced 25 pieces, which were sold out during first month. After this success I asked my brother if he would like to join me in this journey, and help me create further products. We spent months developing our mindset at first, so that we could understand what Full of M.E. represents, what is its mindset let’s say. After that we created our further pieces, jumper Chaos and two more tunics which were similar but had different cut. And later on everything continued to develop. As I (Eimutis Mikaila), have more theoretical background of design, therefore my brother (Vytautas Mikaila) has more practical field of view. However now, I handed over him my theoretical knowledge and now our knowledge of this huge market develops together, we share what we learn and we are trying to make each other to become better in this sphere. 

Full of M.E. clothes are genderless. Was this part of your designs from the beginning? Why did you decide to make solely unisex, one size fits all clothing?

It was part of idea. At the beginning idea was to create genderless one size pajamas. However at that point we understood, that this is not reachable yet and we have to start with some simpler design and pieces. We wanted to develop an outfit between nightwear and casual, what would represent „Human wear“ , which would provide you comfort and feeling of freedom, and that is really important to Full Of M.E. We as creators want to develop a brand that would break formed stereotypes about gender or to be the ones who would become one of the first choice of clothing for people who already broke free from these enforced stereotypes. At this time all of our creations are one size, however in the future we will introduce sizes, because there are clothing that we what to create which definitely need sizes, so that the clothing would fully unfold itself. 

You’ve talked about how the age difference between you and your brother affects the way you design together. How do you both approach design differently, and where can that be seen in your pieces?

Well our age differences do not affect the way we create that much, however maybe some details are affected by some sort of different age worldview. I would say that the age difference gives maturity to our projects and negotiations. And the fact that me and Eimutis we do have really close relationships from the day I was born. So actually I can say that my developing worldview was influenced by my brother and that really helps in work process, allows us to understand each other more easily.  

You produce your clothing with recycled and sustainable materials. Talk a little bit about sustainability and why it is important to your brand.

Well now we still do not produce our products from sustainable materials, because we are still small and not financially strong brand, so we just can’t produce our products from recycled or sustainable materials. However that’s what we are striving for in the near future. Because mother nature needs more care from human kind. We have a responsibility to recycle and strive to stop virgin plastic production, by spreading the knowledge about proper consumerism. 

You’ve said that you draw inspiration from your Lithuanian home. How does that inspiration manifest itself in this collection?

It’s all linked to the environment and art we see around us. Let’s say that it would be an abstract, art deco architecture and surrealistic art form. I think that’s what it is based on. Its about Full of M.E. unique mood and perception. Eclecticism and its massive power of beneficial challenges. 

What were some other visual inspirations for this collection?

All the pieces that you can see now and will be able to see in the future were created by finding good and bad sides of the clothing and then develop it accordingly to those findings, until the piece is fully finished, perfected. Many visual inspirations came from Paris, at that time especially Centre Pompidou, but major injection comes from people in the streets, underground, rave culture. I also take a lot of inspiration from fashion history, my fashion muse Tilda Swinton, designer like Paul Poiret or Ray Petri.

You said at one point that your brother found inspiration from South African rap group Die Antwoord. Tell us a little bit about that story and how it inspired his journey to design.

What we found in this band as an inspirational details are their movement of freedom, their aggression against cultural stereotypes and of course their aesthetics that is shown in their music videos, concerts and all the time they appear in front of cameras. 

What is the “Full of M.E.” mentality, as you see it?

Full of M.E. mentality is about hedonism and feeling of family union. Full of M.E. philosophy: Imagine fashion with no gender. Just people the way they were born. The feeling of freedom from enforced stereotypes. You can find it if you look for it. M.E. creations are unisex and one fits all. That’s why everyone can feel welcome. Full Of M.E. believe that the future stands in sustainability and long-lasting products. We are seeking to produce majority of our products from recycled plastic or alternative sustainable materials. We as a brand believe only in one gender- HUMAN. M.E. creations are based on human sexuality. “Sharp yet loose lines allow one to feel exquisite while maintaining coziness” We imagine fashion with no gender, just people the way they were born. M.E. idea is to help people release their fetish, release themselves... Allowing them to feel freedom from enforced stereotypes! M.E. do also believe that the future stands in sustainability and long lasting products! 

What can we look forward to in the future from Full of M.E.? 

First thing in our mind right now is to establish position in the market, by entering retailer shops, but to do that first we need to extended our brand line. Second thing would be to arrange Full of M.E. collection presentation show. And the third thing would be to find investors so that we could be able to enter sustainable materials market game, so that we could be able to accomplish our goals. Sustainable is necessity. Unfortunately, necessity is a luxury for now. Especially for young, niche brands like Full Of M.E.

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