Full of M.E. - a young fashion brand based in Lithuania, designs clothes for a genderless future. The brand emerged in 2015 as the brainchild of brother-team Eimutis and Vytautas Mikaila. After spending years travelling around Europe, Eimutis had settled back in his home of Lithuania. Using the inspiration gained from these years of adventure, he proposed the idea of a fashion label to his brother. Today, the duo produces designs from the edge of reality – one size, flowing garments that blur lines of shape, form and, most importantly, sexuality and gender.

               All the pieces that you can see now and will be able to see in the future were created by finding the good and bad sides of the clothing, then developing clothes according to those findings until the piece is fully finished, perfected. Quality and comfort is our brand's main focus. Many visual inspirations came from Paris, especially Centre Pompidou, but major injection comes from people in the streets, underground, rave culture. Eimutis fashion view was mostly inspired by the fashion history, his fashion muse Tilda Swinton and designers like Paul Poiret or Ray Petri.

               We as creators want to develop a brand that breaks formed stereotypes about gender or be the first choice of clothing for people who have already broken free from these enforced stereotypes.